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 With Billing Hub, unlock the power of a more accessible statement to simplify your billing process. Create, deploy and deliver communications easily and efficiently.

Streamline Your Billing Process

Empower Your Business With Billing Hub

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Drive Digital Adoption

Drive Digital Adoption

Bridge the paper-to-digital divide. Promote eDelivery to encourage adoption through QR codes and smart offers. 
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Reduce Customer Confusion

Reduce Customer Confusion

Poor design of a bill creates confusion, which leads to billing inquiry calls and extra costs. Deliver personalized, easy-to-understand, communications that make payments simple.
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Boost Bottom Line

Boost Bottom Line

Drive cross-sell and up-sell opportunities through personalized messages while increasing autopay adoption.
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Facilitate Customer Payments

Facilitate Customer Payments

Make it easy for customers to pay faster. When a bill is clear and concise payments are on time.

Experience the Benefits of Superior Statements

Reduce the Number of Support Calls by
Cut Print Costs
by at Least
Increase Digital
Adoption by

Create Dynamic Content

Enable variable content intelligently. Use our intuitive Targeted Content Manager (TCM) to build and manage data-driven targeted messaging. Optimize your customer communications in minutes with:

  • No help from IT or outside vendors
  • A centralized place to manage and store content
  • Rapid, scalable content strategies

A Better Way to Print

Printed content will always be a factor in billing communications. With DataOceans, develop a more agile printing process and gain access to a reliable network of printers. Lower your printing and mailing costs while creating an integrated digital transformation. Our network allows you to seamlessly deliver communications via print with opportunities to add:

  • QR codes to support digital conversion
  • Personalized information regarding payments
  • Tailored offers to individual customers

Engaging Bills, Statements, and Invoices

Secure more value from statements and billing correspondence. Engage customers by delivering effective communications throughout the revenue cycle with the ability to:

  • Present a concise explanation of what is due, when and how to pay
  • Optimize statements for printing with full control of design
  • Incorporate your branding for consistent messaging
  • Logically design bills to get customers to take action 

Fast Track to Quick, Long-Term Success

Unlock the value of your customer data with a seamless integration of Billing Hub — all in 45 days or less. Our team of CCM experts works closely with you to keep everything on track and ensure success well past implementation. 


"Empowered to Manage the Process"

See how Billing Hub enabled a consumer finance organization to control content and improve payment behavior. With an agile process in place, they were able to reduce billing inquiry call volume by 10% and increase digital adoption by 25%. 


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